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Monterey Bay Spanish Waivers

Hi All:

If you need Spanish language waivers for your Monterey Bay participants, they attached to this message.  Please have the students/mentors (over 18) fill them out or their parents (students under 18) fill them out.  BRING THEM WITH YOU ON COMPETITION MORNING TO  TURN IN AT CHECK-IN.

Good luck everyone.

Matthew Gardner
MATE Center

Pool Practice Sign Up

Hi Monterey Bay ROVers: 

A pool practice day for the MATE Monterey Bay regional is scheduled for April 28th. 

You can use the following link to sign up your team(s):

Good luck everyone.

Matthew Gardner
MATE Center
Monterey Bay Regional Coordinator

2018 Cal Maritime Waivers


Every student and mentor participant will need to complete the three waivers specific for the event at Cal Maritime.  Waivers will need to be printed out, signed by a parent/guardian and brought to the event on April 7.  Turn them in at the check-in table.

Thanks all.

Matthew Gardner
MATE Center

2018 Regional Offerings

Hi Monterey Bay ROVers:

We will be doing a Product Demonstration Review at Monterey Peninsula College on Saturday, March 31 from 10:00 AM to Noon.  The product demonstration props will be available for companies to examaine.  MATE staff will be on hand to answer your questions. 

Also, on Saturday, April 28th, MATE will be hosting a pool practice day at Watsonville High School pool.  Companies may sign up for an hour long practice block.  The product demonstration stations will be set up underwater for your company to practice on.

Good luck all.

NAVIGATOR Registration

Hi Monterey ROVers:

The NAVIGATOR class at the Monterey Bay Regional compeittion is completely FULL!  If you have not registered a NAVIGATOR class team for Monterey, you can still be put on the wait list;  we will try to get a few more spots opened up.  Contact me, Matthew Gardner, regional coordinator to be put on the wait list.

Both RANGER and SCOUT registration is still open!

Matthew Gardner
MATE Center
Monterey Bay Regional Coordinator


DATE for San Fran / Cal Maritime SCOUT regional

We have a date!

April 7, 2018 at California Maritime Academy. 

All SCOUT teams in the San Francisco and East Bay regions, as well as Sacramento SCOUT teams will attend the inaugural San Fran / Cal Maritime SCOUT regional. 

See you there!

Matthew Gardner
MATE Center
Monterey Bay Regional Coordinator / SF Cal Maritime Technical Manager

Monterey Bay Regional Information Document

Planning on competing in the 2018 MONTEREY BAY REGIONAL ROV CONTEST!  The Monterey Bay Regional Inforamtion document has all of the relevant information you will need, no matter which class you plan to compete in. 

Check it out.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. 

Matthew Gardner
MATE Center
Monterey Regional Coordinator

Other Local Events

Hi Northern California ROVers!

Here is a list of other events that may be of interest.

Whalefest 2018
January 27th - 28th.  Monterey's Old Fishermans Wharf
Exhibit your ROV at Whalefest! 
See attached Whalefest Invitation.


2018 Competition Information

Hi ROVers!

Competition manuals are coming out this week!  Check out

The Monterey Bay Regional Competition Information will be coming out in mid-December.  This will have lots of relevant information about the upcoming competition.  

Registration for the Monterey Bay Regional ROV contest will open in mid-January.  

Additional information on all these subjects and more will be posted here when it is ready.

Good luck.

2017 Event Archive

Scores and prizes from the 2017 Monterey Bay Regional ROV Competition.  May 12, 2017.  Aptos High School.